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Serenity Source – The Renewable Energy Retailer on Blockchain

Serenity Source, a multi-faceted blockchain-based ecosystem, aims to restore our planet Earth by minimizing the damage caused by humanity.  The team at Serenity Source is very committed to saving our home planet with a one-of-a-kind idea that according to them can go a long way toward transforming the world’s unsustainable economic model. Their Serenity project is currently seeking funding on a crowdfunding website Indiegogo. It’s expected to be available to everyone in the world in June 2019. If you like their idea of restoring Earth, be sure to show your support to them both financially and mentally.

Their project focuses on the renewable energy production, promotion of sustainable living, and transactive energy services. They plan to bring blockchain technology to the energy sector to provide end users with more transparency and control and offer solutions for those who’ve been neglected by traditional systems.

They want to become Energy Retailer and offer an unfair advantage to everyone involved in Serenity network by creating multi-faceted blockchain-based ecosystem, supported by real tangible business, and promoting sustainable living, DER technologies and renewable energy production. They also want to disturb the outmoded approach to construction speed and energy performance by offering advanced sustainable smart Net-Zero estates through Rapid Building System®. Such dwellings will be an ideal platform for residents to contribute to the production of renewable energy as energy prosumers.

Here’s what they say about their Serenity project:

‘’With a focus on the renewable energy sector, combined with the power of the blockchain the company aims to revolutionize the energy generation, monetization of carbon credits, developing Net-Zero estates and expand globally by affiliate licensing. The Serenity platform will be connected to national electricity operators, providing the balancing the demand and supply of electricity, responding at the substation level, and making possible a structural transition towards blockchain and renewables.’’

Although there’s a huge demand for eco-friendly products and services, there’re some complications that keep people from embracing them. But through blcokchain technology, it’s possible to eliminate these complications to pave a clear route to a healthy and safe planet for all people. The team at Serenity Source aims to create a network of like-minded individuals and organizations, offering special affiliate licensing packages to promote their efforts and recruit people to their movement.

It is the Serenity Token that will fuel Serenity’s blockchain-based economy and simplify access to Serenity platform. Serenity tokens aren’t a proprietary payment currency; instead, they are work and utility tokens which can be used to perform a multitude of activities such as:

  • To get full access to Serenity Energy Retailer (SER) services
  • To acquire additional energy discounts
  • To do work on behalf of Serenity Community Network
  • To obtain fractional possession in Serenity revenues produced from Serenity renewable ventures.

If you or any of your colleagues is looking to invest in eco-friendly projects, be sure to give Serenity Source a shot, as it benefits everyone involved.

What’s your take on this? Please feel free to share your views in the comment box below.

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