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3 Reasons Why Darknet Users Use Bitcoin

The dark web is a hidden place. And anything that can be bought from there is only through bitcoin. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency which is used for buying anything on the darknet. There are many reasons why users use bitcoin for buying anything in darknet. Some of the reasons are 

  • Tracking

Bitcoin can’t be tracked. This is the main reason that is user have to make payment through bitcoin.

  • The only bitcoin accepted

Every website in darknet accepts payment only through bitcoin. Because some of the stuff is illegal in darknet. And no one wants to be behind bars.

  • Value of bitcoin

The value of bitcoin is always increasing. And most of the people have head about it. That how the price of bitcoin went high in the market. So, if someone accepts bitcoin chances are, they get more in the future after converting bitcoin to currency.

Get more familiar with darknet

If someone doesn’t know about what is the darknet and bitcoin and other stuff, then don’t worry. The darknet is the hidden place of the internet and can’t be accessed through Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers. It can be only accessed with certain browsers like tor browser, Orfox and other. Because the sites in dark web are not normal like everyone sees on google. It has a domain name .onion in every. And these hidden can only be accessed with tor, Orfox and other browsers.  

Keep your data private and browse safely

Tor browser or Orfox are anonymous browsers. These browsers don’t track their user’s history and don’t even show up ads. So, browsing the internet on these browsers would be very much safe. And a user’s data is always personal and doesn’t go on sale. These browsers are safe and clean to use.

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