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Why Tracking of Your Cryptocurrency is Must?

The fact is, cryptocurrency is here, and it is going to stay, at least for a long, long time. So, when you decide to buy cryptocurrencies, it will be a life-changing opportunity, and you will need to keep a track on all your cryptocurrencies you are going to invest in.

If you are investing in one or a couple cryptocurrencies, you can keep a track from anywhere by pulling their data. Whereas, if you want to invest and trade in multiple cryptocurrencies, and do multiple trades per day, you need to track and monitor the performances of the cryptocurrencies constantly. You do that through any cryptocurrency news website.

While there are numerous cryptocurrency tracking alternatives available out there, they tend to be rather pricey, and restricting you would need to enter your cryptocurrencies and even spend for some add-ons manually.

If you don’t mind paying the cash, and it still works for you, not a problem. However, why would you wish to pay a great deal of money for a bitcoin news and monitoring software program when you can just utilize Google Sheets. Yes, the very same one you understand.

Sure, utilizing google sheets as a cryptocurrency tracking software requires some knowledge that you can get completely free, as well as, know-how to get it to the factor where it runs very efficiently as well as calls for very little time to run, use, save and update. You can read more about it in cryptocurrency blog.

Our Finest Cryptocurrency Tracking Tips for Trading

The bright side is that thanks to Google Sheet’s extremely user-friendly API, this is not as difficult as it would have normally been. While Google Sheets was never developed for this, the reality is that it does work.

All you have to do actually is use the CryptoFinance add-on, as well as you will have the ability to comfortably track the bitcoin trends, as well as monitor them in real time. Another interesting thing is that you can configure this to reload as often as you desire, hence aiding you to keep track of your favored money rate motions.

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