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Why There is a Need for Crypto Scanner?

There more than 1,800 cryptocurrencies readily available at the time of writing this post across several exchanges, E.g. Bittrex, Binance, and so on). Commonly we would be “far too late” to catch a coin that might be relocating, as well as this is since it takes a long time to obtain the valuable details.

Traditional approaches to discovering performing cryptos are to pull up a chart, and then establishing signs such as RSI as well as MACD. There are a few problems related to this method:

  • It is challenging to inform what is happening to all the various cryptocurrencies you’re not presently examining
  • You get the information late; only acceptance is that if you were searching for an entrance previously.

With a crypto market scanner, you can:

  • See from a glimpse all RSI oversold/overbought cryptos
  • See where MACD crossovers are presently happening in numerous durations
  • See where there are the most volume/price percent modifications on all timeframes, instantly.

As you can imagine, the crypto scanner currently seems like an excellent method to save time.

With great scanners of the crypto market, you can also establish notifications, such as you get notified if RSI gets oversold for a specific MACD or a cryptocurrency crossover has occurred. As crypto is still in its extremely early stages, it’s difficult to find the ideal tool to fit your demands.

What tool should I utilize for market scanning cryptos?

With the free crypto scanner, you can:

  • See oversold/overbought coins
  • See values throughout all popular durations promptly
  • Sort through a table, or receive informs via the UI or desktop/mobile by means of Slack

The 100eyes crypto scanner has been running for a few years now, as well as have been regularly creating new tools in this area to aid users with their trades, not just the scanner has the all above qualities, but it likewise has a lot of fundamental tools which you can utilize to help with your trades.

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