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TAU – next generation golden standard

In recent times, the world of cryptocurrency actively regaining its place under the rays of the sun. To date, many market players realise the need for a drastically different approach to how we perceive and work with cryptocurrencies. Many understand that the value of crypto is not regulated by any financial institution and solely relies on an empty speculative interest. This means that existing cryptocurrencies practically have no value. And since any price strives to the magnitude of its cost, the value of crypto is swinging on the extra-volatile swings.

Such nature of crypto brands itself as an exorbitantly risky asset, right from the inception, and, as a result, hinders natural growth and development. It is a rather complicated and often costly mode of production which fails to justify its worth. Any underlying value that justifies the price of assets, be it physical products or intangible goods, is based on far more significant factor than the labour costs of production of said asset alone; it is a perceived value, or, in other words, a demand for what is being offered on the market. If the asset is not in the demand, it cannot be sold, as there is no perceived value in owning such an asset. Hence, the tendency, in terms of the value of such asset will inherently reach zero. For example, if the crude oil is seized to be used in any form, it will lose all its value, as it was prior to the Second Industrial Revolution.

Economically reasonable demand for cryptocurrency may occur if the currency possesses at least two properties of money, as we know it:

1. Be a legitimate means of payment
2. Have the opportunity to act as a means of capital accumulation
If the former property (to be legitimate means of payment) is achievable, albeit, with limitations, the latter (to act as a means of capital accumulation) is plagued by high volatility in majority of cryptocurrencies.

Overcoming this hurdle means that the cryptocurrency can turn into a true, economically sound asset, although, under a condition that the issuer and market participants should be able to mutually influence currency’s market price.

In theory, one may bind cryptocurrency mechanically to an existing currency which will significantly reduce volatility. The problem that cryptocurrencies face is not as simple, as it seems at first glance. Binding crypto to the US dollar, for example, will make crypto follow the same trend as the USD, meaning the worth of such currency will always be USD $1. As such, one cannot simply invest during the bullish period and expect extraordinary profits.

Cryptocurrency will not have its own investment attractiveness and will never become a fully independent means of capital accumulation. It will always be tagging along with the market, but will not be a leading, independent currency. Without an economically sound, non-mechanically imposed value, the cryptocurrency will always have an uncertain future.

Nevertheless, despite obvious shortcomings, there are enormous advantages to cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are transparent international blockchain networks that cannot be controlled or prohibited. This is a high level of decentralization that grants protection from government institutions or banking systems, without regional binding to the currency. Crypto-platforms are frictionless and do not depend on the human factor. This is the future for all money.

And we have taken a big and decisive step towards this future!

We finally put a breath of life into cryptocurrency – into this futuristic creation of human intelligence!

We present to you the first revolutionary crypto-tool (token). In the base of this creation, you will not find a breakthrough in IT solutions, but rather a “Portal” connecting real economy with crypto-world – hybrid crypto-index “Telematic Amortised Upconverter” (hereinafter referred to as TAU).

We solved the problem of creating a low-volatility instrument with classic market value creation that does not transpose real currency into crypto-world.

TAU is formed on the basis of Blockchain technology that poses as a converter of any real, interchangeable and marketable asset into TAU Cryptocurrency. From goods and securities to successfully implemented projects, the very essence of Project TAU lies in the idea of implementing and stipulating the basis of a flexible, reliable stabilization and support mechanism of the rate, the work of which is reproduced as TAU.

The key task of the project is to create a crypto-product with the inherent property of means of accumulation and becoming a low-risk investment instrument.

The determining factor in the stability of the TAU’s rate is a continuous and uninterrupted provision of its value by the issuer by providing TAU holders with 100{6e3ff21ac527cf19e868f6e1383e3fdd712314b18283ec0bcd624937a189e376} buyback of an entire volume of tokens at a price approximate to the issuing price. It is like being able to exchange the paper money for the equivalent in gold, at any moment! Such money, in principle, cannot depreciate or lose value.

You will have an opportunity to influence the price of TAU and increase its value by retaining tokens, as a means of accumulation or, alternatively, as a means of a settlement with other market participants. With this structure, time will work for you. The focus of TAU issuer is aimed at strictly scheduled implementation of measures to support and stabilise the market rate, and in turn increasing confidence in TAU will drive its market value upwards.

On the other hand, we will also actively participate in the development of the price of the token, as the underlying principle within the stabilization and support mechanism of the rate there is an algorithm for support of the growth of price.

TAU engagement is not done with the aim to channel proceeds from coin sales, but rather to redirect the capital towards stable and reliable functioning of the mechanism of stabilisation and support of the course. The mechanism cannot be functioning without some activity in the classic market. For the first time in history, Project TAU is a truly hybrid product that combines the best of both worlds while retaining advantages of both cryptocurrency and security of classic market.

At some point, the cryptocurrency world will begin to determine the rules of the game for financial institutions. Much of what seems so common nowadays, like paper notes, will eventually disappear from this world. When the amount of TAU and cash in circulation reaches a peak scale, the situation will cordinally change. No one wants to be left out from an opportunity to capture such a financial pie. As the law of dialectics states: an increase in quantity leads to a change in quality, thus, we will achieve the strategic goal of our project. When this happens, further developments will no longer be determined by Project TAU, to which we already are preparing.

Technical Scheme of Project TAU:

During the next 30 days after initial issue of token comes in effect, TAU Rising Capital will provide an opportunity for sale of 100{6e3ff21ac527cf19e868f6e1383e3fdd712314b18283ec0bcd624937a189e376} of tokens for all TAU holders back into the company by placing several purchase orders at a price close to the issue price for the previous period. Simultaneously, TAU Rising Capital will initiate value proposition corrections for the tokens. An adjusted value will always be fractionally higher than buy-back price, this cycle is set for infinite repetition.

The value of the price of our supply and demand is determined according to the following algorithm:

First, depending on the market outlook, on the principle of & “Trailing stop”. That is, the price is set at the level of its moderate growth at positive market dynamics or price area at a previous period in a negative market situation. This prevents price over-inflation and reduces the loss of investment to TAU holders.
Secondly, the hybrid principle of the mechanism for stabilisation and support of the rate allows producing growth of TAU, often even when a negative market scenario is visible.
*More information about the scheme of our work is presented in the website road map.*

If Tau holders decide against sell tokens when the demand for TAU does not decrease, TAU Rising Capital may resort to issuing additional TAU issues, therefore increasing the amount of capital raised as well as increasing the size of the next cycle buy-back.

Continuous, cyclical execution of abovementioned by TAU Rising Capital allows to create secure cryptocurrency instrument, the average price of which is not associated with the price of cryptocurrency and will reside in the “corridor” between the level of support (the buy-back price of TAU) and resistance level (emission level TAU).

This is truly a safe haven for investment, regardless of market condition.

Please note that hybrid crypto index – TAU; is not a single security, hence the focal point of interest is within value and level of the index, and not often about the price. The stock Indices often form the basis of similar derivatives (index futures or options) that are used for investment and speculative purposes or otherwise for hedging risks. The value of the index is interpreted as the price of this tool.

The price of a crypto-index TAU reflects the dynamics of change in the actual value reflected by the confidence level of its holders and low volatility rate TAU with a propensity for growth, through the use of the hybrid stabilisation mechanism and level support.

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