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Service of ICO Rating:

ICO is an abbreviation for Initial Coin offering. It is a trending new way of fundraising. It is almost like an IPO (Initial Public Offer) the only difference is you do not get any shares of the company in ICO. ICO process can be simply explained as exchanging an existing cryptocurrency for a brand new currency. ICO’s are highly risky even under the most favorable circumstances.

The number of ICO’s are growing day by day even after having a high-risk factor. Which ICO to invest in becomes a challenging decision.  High risk and at the same time more and more ICO’s to choose from makes it difficult. To make things easier for you ICO Catalog has come up with a brand new service of “ICO ratings”. Our goal is to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of projects running and ICO. This will aid you to take a well-informed decision.

Service methodology:

We provide you with all the information in 3 parts:

Part 1 provides general information about the ICO. ICO description, ICO promo materials, ICO white paper, information from the ICO website are examples of general information about the ICO.

Part 2 will provide you with detailed reviews of experts about the ICO. This review is given by experts after an extremely thorough audit of a project.

Part 3 consists of users’ comments and statement for the ICO.  This gives you a deep idea about the ICO from the point of view of general people.  ICO Catalogs is the world’s first service to monitor and analyze peoples’ statements on an ICO.

We provide you the detailed and systematic flow of information containing important details about an ICO.  Data displayed on the ICO Catalog contains information like traffic on the ICO website, number of backlinks from other websites, activity and evaluation parameter.

The blend of unique and systematic information made available to you keep you one step ahead while planning your investments. We do not make estimates, we provide information.

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