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Review of MGO (MobileGO) and GAME (GameCredits)

To understand better how MGO and GAME tokens work in cooperation, you have to dig a tad dipper in these projects.

MobileGO is a blockchain-based platform to make your payment in the online gaming business. GAME is a gaming cryptocurrency that simplifies the accessibility for both players and games developers. A decisive advantage of this platform over the other payment systems is the privacy and anonymity of the customer and security of all purchases made. Therefore, the MobileGO system allows its clients move funds through different mobile applications.

The cryptocurrency payment solutions in mobile gaming presents MGO tokens. It has been created as a special paying system for their marketplace to use on smartphone or a tablet. The goal of MGO is to simplify the transactions for gamers an to build the capacity for mobile stores’ marketing. Due to tokens used on the Ethereum and Waves blockchains, this platform is characterized by a high stability, greater protection and an increased transactional speed.

GAME coins have entered the stock exchange in 2014 but the significant currency’s appreciation was reached only in 2017. The main mission of the MobileGO team is to held an universal cryptocurrency for games all around the world and to provide games developers with opportunities for online gaming flourishing.

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Why to use MGO tokens?

MGO token is essential for gaming market for several reasons.

First of all, the MobileGO project is very interesting for the worldwide gaming community because of numerous features like trading on exchange services, payment for gamers, getting revenues from selling your own content and arrangement of esports tournaments.

With MGO tokens a player can buy games, applications and in-game supplements. Additionally, with smart contacts tokens a client can get a great deal without a third party.

The MGO altcoins holders will get a discount from game developers when buying the games on the GAME platform. MGO allows different types of payments on the platform, recently it has been listed on the Xsolla platform.

To buy or sell GAME go to the widely available market BitBay. Such markets as Bittrex, Poloniex, Cryptopia, HitBTC and Bit-Z can also offer GAME tokens at a reasonable price.

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