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Most Recent 2019 List of Best Altcoin Cryptocurrency Exchanges

There has been a massive growth in the cryptocurrency market. It has seen the development of numerous cryptocurrency exchanges as well as altcoin exchanges. You may find it hard to know which exchange offers you security for your investments and offers you confidentiality and ideal services.

There are cryptocurrency exchanges, which use fiat currency while others do not. Some cryptocurrencies use various wallets, and others use their own. Certain exchanges work with a lot of cryptocurrencies and some only present limited trading pairs.

Describing an Altcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

There are similarities between a cryptocurrency exchange, a fiat currency exchange or a stock exchange. It offers a technical way of purchasing a cryptocurrency or trading it.

This type of financial exchange also makes it possible to move several digital assets. The user makes use of these financial exchanges to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies on these financial exchanges that are also called digital currency exchanges (DCEs).

There are similarities between these exchanges and financial exchanges since the investor can make a limit or market order. The sites’ brokerage process for the best cryptocurrency exchanges works in the same way as for other financial assets.

Five of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2019


This cryptocurrency exchange is user-friendly. Clients can use a debit card, connected bank account, Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), credit card or Interac online to buy. It is found in San Francisco CA and presents the world’s biggest Bitcoin broker.

Coinbase Pro

For intermediate traders, it is the best. Among cryptocurrency exchanges, it offers an innovative and outstanding element. Buying 0x, Basic attention Token, Ether, BTC or Litecoin is free. They increase tokens many times.


This Cryptocurrency & Altcoin Exchange is very friendly. You can start to buy cryptocurrency and trade with Changelly. It provides 35 cryptocurrencies and offers cryptocurrencies to exchange also. For this, they use fiat pairs like the US dollar and the Euro.


Overall, it ranks among the best Altcoin Exchanges. Malta’s Binance Exchange performed its first initial coin offering (ICO) and is experiencing fast expansion. It is one of the globe’s top ten cryptocurrency exchanges.


It is a leading cryptocurrency exchange. It provides the oldest serving major cryptocurrency exchanges. One hundred ninety countries and more use their services. It has sustained a brilliant reputation by implementing its regulations and providing high security.

Types of Cryptocurrency exchanges

Two main types of cryptocurrency exchanges exist:

Cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchanges – the investor buys, trades or sells a cryptocurrency using different cryptocurrencies. For instance, using Bitcoin to purchase Ether or using Ether to purchase XRP.

Fiat exchanges – the investor trades, buys or sells a cryptocurrency with a government-supported currency also known as fiat currency.

What to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange

  • Protection
  • Methods of payment
  • Supported currencies
  • Easy to use
  • Geographic area
  • Fees and commissions imposed

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Apart from choosing the correct exchange, you also need a top Bitcoin & cryptocurrency wallet to facilitate the safety of your investments. But, avoid using them to keep your purchases for a long time to prevent hacking.


No perfect exchange exists for everyone; however, you can keep your investments safe and enhance your experience by picking a top cryptocurrency exchange. Your location, type of cryptocurrencies you want to trade and the frequency of your trading determine your trading experience.

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