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How To Identify Legit Crypto Games Sites

With cryptocurrency becoming more popular among regular people from all around the world, it is quite obvious that countless crypto game sites are going to appear. It is very important to understand that even if you are using cryptocurrencies, you still risk your money. 

Unfortunately, there are more scams out there than legit crypto gaming sites. This includes everything from betting to lotteries. 

You need to learn how to identify the legit cryptogames sites in order to make sure that your funds will be secured. Here are some really important tips to help you do exactly that. 

Carefully Explained Gaming Methodology

Look at the explanations offered by the site about everything related to your gaming experience. The scam sites usually do not tell you much about what is done with the money and how winners are determined. A legit website will mention absolutely everything of importance. 

As an example, Ethex talks about its lottery system and clearly mentions that winners are determined by the latest block hash symbols. It is highlighted that numbers for lotteries are not randomly generated. Since nobody can control these symbols, the game automatically becomes a truly random one. 

Complete Transparency

Besides clear gaming methodology, it is vital that the crypto games site is as transparent as possible. This means that it has to tell you who the owner is and who handles everything, including security. Some of the really important pages you want to see on a crypto gaming site include:

  • Terms of service – Should explain everything in regards to how the site can be used and how the services offered work for users. 
  • Privacy policy – Your data is very important and it needs to be protected. You should never join any site where you do not see a clear privacy policy that clearly explains what is done with your data and what data is requested. 
  • Contact page – In the event there is a problem that appears, you need to be able to contact the customer care department. It is actually recommended that you first ask all questions you might have before you register so you are completely confident the operations of the site are legit. 

Secured Game Connection

This should go without saying but an incredibly large number of people still fail victims to sites that are not secured. To put things as simple as possible, if you do not see the locket sign in your browser signaling that the connection is secure, never perform any financial activity. This is because hackers can intercept your transactions and gain access to important data like passwords or banking details. 

Final Thoughts

Last but not least, there is no reason why you should not trust your common sense when it comes to choosing what crypto games site to trust. If you feel that there is something wrong with the business you look at, there is a good possibility you are right. Always trust your gut feeling and when you are in doubt, look for reviews that are written by trustworthy, independent sources. 

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