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“Barthor”, Stable Coin with lot of Great Features

Hello all. being a long time without any update of a crypto project.

Today i’m back and as you know, i will only write an article if i totally 100{6e3ff21ac527cf19e868f6e1383e3fdd712314b18283ec0bcd624937a189e376} believe it and as you see in the left side, there’s a picture of a project namely “Barthor”.

have you seen what happen to all Crypto coin price in 2018? yep, they all dumped and we all hate it. we invest to get profit. but as you see, we all only get disadvantage. So, we need something new. something that will give us big profit as we all want. and that something is called “Barthor”.

so, what is it?
Barthor is a great and promising project. It is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency with focus on secure, fast and private blockchain solutions for everyone. what make it perfect is this project ensure it price will be stable. it will have a lot of features in the near time and will all of these features will accept Barthor for $3 even more.

This project is listing on an exchange now and you can find out it on their website at:

Some features that their team develop are an Exchange, Gaming, E-Learning, Online Shopping, Web Traffic, Ads, Smartphone Apps and will be many more.
Exchange: Barthor will have it own platform that will give big support to this project and to all users. how? their team planning to use transaction fee to raise price on the other exchanges. so we all have no worry if price dump because their team will back up us.
Gaming: great news to you all game lovers because Barthor will provide a Game Platform. what is it? we don’t know yet but we hope it will create game, earn, buy and sell Barthor coin to support all gamers.
E-Learning: this is my favorite feature. we all need this no matter what is our age. if it talk about “learning” then we all hope that it will provide everything for all age and as long as we have network connection, we will get more knowledge from this feature.
Online Shopping: great great news especially for our lady who definitely love this features. buy and sell thing around the world will be easier and faster than ever and you will have no to worry when you have Barthor coin because as we all know, each Barthor will be $3 or more when this project done. when you have 10000 Barthor, then you could have lot of things to buy later. be happy dear.
Web Traffic: you have your own web but have small visitors? then this is the right place for you. join this project now because it will help you to get huge number visitors because this this project definitely have wonderful strategy and feature to make it come true.
Ads: we all know this thing right? we always see it when we open our browser. unfortunately we get nothing from watch or click it. but in this project, it will be definitely different. we all will get paid for watching and clicking ads. if you hate ads in the past, then in the future you will love it all because Barthor team.

what makes this project great than other? For more information, Barthor only have 6 Million total supply and there’s “NO ICO”. all of it free for all Barthor members. this is a self-funded project. it price will always be stable and they funded everything.
Barthor sent to bounty participants using their own money.
Barthor listed on an exchange using their own money.
Barthor team  never ask any funds from participants.
when you visit you will find more information about whitepaper, teams, roadmap.

So, what are you waiting for? support this project starting from now so it more bigger. do not wait it success because this project is not wait for you and it limited.

Here again a short description:

Barthor a stable solution for the mass!
barthor will launch soon own platforms where barthor is accepted for 3$
And in middle of 2019 barthor launch his own wallet with masternode staking and affiliate function.
Now you can buy barthor on and price is below 0.30 cent so it’s a very good opportunity to get barthor so cheap and make x 10 in short time !!!!

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